Monday, April 21, 2014

How To Copy Text From Secure Password Protected PDF File

How to Copy Text From Secured (Password Protected) PDF File
Some days ago I had downloaded E-Book in PDF file format. From that E-Book I had to copy some portion of text. When I Copy or press CTRL + C no text was copied on the clipboard. Then I surf the internet in search of tricks to copy text from it. Many bloggers suggest to use decryption software to remove the password from the PDF file. I tried lots of Password removal software, But I am not able to remove the password and copy text on clipboard. But hundred times failure doesn't mean I won't, finally I got the tricks to copy text by using Google Drive. Google Drive is the Cloud storage service for the users. It provide about 15GB of storage freely. When we upload Google Drive it facilitates to preview our files. And I use that Previewing functionality to copy the text from the secured PDF File.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Use Google Public DNS in Windows

Google Public DNS
Google is a popular company for web products. There are lots of web services provided by it. In of them Google Public DNS is one of the most used service by computer users. Google public DNS is free, global Domain Name System (DNS) which is used as alternative to our default Domain Name System. The DNS protocol is one of the important component web infrastructure. In other word it is a phone book like service which says IP address by web address (URL) . When we go to any web address(URL) first our browser connected with Domain Name Server. Then that server gives the IP address of the server where the respective web pages are located and our browser goes to the IP address which is given by the DNS (Domain Name System)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Ways to Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap | Blogspot Trick
Blogger is the free blogging platform where you can able to create your own blog with zero cost. Creating blog, writing articles and sharing is not a big task. The big task is to make content reachable to readers. Almost all the bloggers are targeting Google for readers. Google is the most used search engine that is way all blogger's eye is pointing it. Google have facilitated webmaster platform for developers or bloggers. We can able to notify Google by our self by using Google webmaster tools. To notify we have to submit sitemap of our blog or website. We have to generate sitemap and upload to our website and submit to Google webmaster. But Blogger doesn't facilitated us to upload any files to server. There fore question raise here, where can I upload sitemap and submit it to webmaster. Today I am writing my experience on sitemap submission that how I was able to do this task when I was new on blogger.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Download Torrent File With IDM - Tips and Tricks

Download Torrent File With IDM
Internet Download Manager uses different algorithm to boost download speed and also provide resume capability. Due to this features, we download every things from internet by IDM, but we are not able to download torrent file with it. Torrent is a huge site where we can able to download videos, movies, software and many more. We have to use bitTorrent client to download files from Torrent Site. But its slow comparatively to IDM. I have same issue some dayes ago, But I got the way to download torrent file with IDM. This trick is just like download YouTube Videos by that I had explained previously. Today I am going to explain how we can able to download Torrent File with IDM.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Download YouTube Video - Simple Trick

How To Download You Tube Video
YouTube is the largest online video service where we can able to watch shared videos as well as we can upload our own videos. Some time we get our favorite video and want to download them to watch next time without any internet connection but due to design of YouTube, it cannot allow us to download them. I had same problem when I was new in YouTube, but finally I get the way to download video, Today I am going to share that tricks which help me to download videos from YouTube.